McAfee Database Security

McAfee Database Security

Safe guarding corporate data is of highest priority. Even with antivirus and firewalls deployed, database may still be vulnerable for attacks.

McAfee Database Security allows organizations to gain full visibility to all database activities, to prevent external, internal or inter-database attacks and to apply virtual patches.

McAfee Database Security incorporates McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases, McAfee Virtual Patches for databases and McAfee database Activity Monitoring to secure you databases from the inside out.

McAfee Vulnerability Manager:

  • Automatically discovers databases
  • Determines if patches are up to date
  • Performs over 4,700 vulnerability checks

McAfee Virtual Patches:

  • Protects databases until patches are released and applied
  • Avoid database downtime
  • Protect databases that vendors no longer support

McAfee Database Activity Monitoring:

  • Monitors transaction in memory
  • Pre-configured and customizable rules
  • Prevents obfuscated attacks

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